Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Writing Wednesday: New Best Friends?

I hate creative writing! I feel like I don't have any original thoughts. Below is a bunch of gibberish that I spouted off without editing or thinking ahead. It's pretty obvious where my life experience lays- talking to and playing with kids. I guess next time I'll try to make my characters adults or something...

Once upon a time thre were three little children, a girl and two boys. they played together every day and never got sick of each other. One day they were at school and their teacher said, today you must make a new friend. The three looked at eachother with uncertainty in their eyes. Why would they need to make new friends? They had their very best friends always nearby and didn't want it any other way. Or at least they didn't admit it. Each of the three children in our story were paired up with another kid in their class. Pertrudance, the girl, was asked to work with Gerta Smith. Trex, was paired with Marvin and Framblin began to work with Pat R.

Gross! Gerta cries all the time and is a runny-nose kid. She hates to play on the monkey bars and only wants to draw pictures of bubble hearts. You know, the kind with the shine mark on the side. Our teacher said we have to work together, so we are going to practice our jumping jacks and see who can build a horse out of legos the fastest. I can't wait to get back to my regular friends and do monkey bar tricks and play Monster Family, our favorite pretend game...I'm the sister monster.

Me and marvin used to be best friends when we were little. His house is by mine and our mom's are friends, but ever since we got to first grade, he's been a bully. He always back-talks the teacher and pushes you if he doesn't win. I think our teacher knows that I wish i was as tough as marvin. He always gets his way and i feel like it's not fair. I never get to be the winner and nobody jumps up to be part of MY station. When we were babies, marvin and I liked to go on the slides and make tall towers from mulch on the playground. I'll probably just do what he wants to do during recess, though, because if I don't, I'll end up playing alone.

Me and pat get along great. He likes all the same stuff I like, like kirombibs and banana laffy taffys. Sometimes we hang out after school, but mostly I like to play with Pertrudance and Trex. I'm glad me and pat are paired up because I think we should be friends. Maybe today I"ll ask my dad if Pat can come over for dinner tomorrow. I bet he'll say yes, and then I can show him how to play all my best board games. We don't have video games at my house, but maybe he'll let me come over to his house and we can play HIS games. Maybe Pat can play with me, Pertrudance and Trex.

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  1. Not to be self-depricating, but this is terrible. Oh well...better luck next time?