Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Time

This is what's up with a Monday:
They are the same as any other week day. After a killer weekend, and a break from work, it's not so hard to get up and back at it on Monday. Weekend Activities are just as consuming as Weekday Activities. Wake up calls are still early, but the adventures are more spectacular and exciting. Mondays are equally as contemptible as Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday- in fact, I might even like Monday a little better because I feel refreshed and ready to tackle another monotonous week. ("Refreshed" is a loose term. I'm still tired a shit, but at least the things making me tired are a lot more pleasing.)

So what happened this weekend that categorized Monday as Not So Bad? Well, it's boring to read full synopses of busy weekends. So here's what went down, in short: Inquire within for further details.

1. Kristen visited from Texas
2. Heather's Birthday Karaoke
3. Spinelli's breakfast and coffee :)
4. Spending time with Hanna, promoting dome satellites (WTF?)...
5. My amazing friends fixed up my costume last minute
6. "Candyland Crew"- 6th Annual Birthday-Halloween Party
7. Lauvray's Halloween party
8. Chicken Parmesean, homemade by Jess
9. Raking leaves with Mom
10. Massage, of which I needed three or four.
11. Dinner at Fujiyama and froyo at Orange Leaf
12. Couch laying and a movie

Have fun increasing the obesity rate in children tonight! (it's Beggar's Night here in Columbus...)

Miss. Mint, Candy Adventurer, Princess Lolli, King Kandy, Queen Frostine.

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  1. Dinner at Fujiyama and froyo at Orange Leaf?!?!? That is the exact combination that I miss the VERY most about working at OU. I am so jealous!!!