Tuesday, April 24, 2012

5 Reasons I Want to be a Fat Grandma

1. Round grandmas are way cozier. I'd much rather my grandkids snuggle me than break my bones with a little ol' hug.

2. Grandmas with a little meat on their bones seem healthier. Skinny grandmas seem sickly, and I like my grandmas healthy!

3. A fat grandma is probably a better cook. Or at least knows the best restaurants.

4. Plump grandmas are at an advantage- they aren't saddled by the need for a warm blanket at all times. Allows for more freedom of movement and socializing.

5. Pudgy grandmas have embraced their age and their womanliness. They don't need to hit the gym because they have all the things that really count.

This grandma is confident, smiley, and wearing pearls at the beach.

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