Tuesday, August 11, 2015

This Lady Pit Hair Thing

More than a year ago, an acquaintance posted a challenge to her female friends: don't shave your pits and send a picture of the damage.

My hair grows slowly, so I let it grow for a month and then shared the photo.

She, along with a bunch of other people on the internet, are making a point that body hair isn't some gross and terrifying thing. They're all correct, but I'm mostly anti-body hair because it's a pain in the neck to remove. Or the Pit, rather.

There are a whole number of reasons to stand with this "movement". I know, there are LOTS of things that are WAY more important, but I'm feeling a little loopy today and want to talk about this Lady Pit Hair Thing.

1. Deodorant Blobs- Grosser than pit hair. Unsightly and glows in black lights. Not that I'm spending tons of time under a black light, but there's almost nothing worse than seeing those blobs when a friend pulls her hair into a ponytail or does her signature "raise the roof" dance move. (Blobs aside, she should really stop doing that move).

2. Sweat- when my pits are bare, they sweat more. I think it's got something to do with my body trying to figure out why they are hairless and to protect my skin with oil, since there's no protective hair-layer.

3. Razor Burn- Those bumps are gross, painful and never-ending. Just...NO.

4. The Man- This is the big point for internet people. Why is body hair gross on women, but acceptable on men? Why must we remove a natural part of our body for the sake of social standards? Why do those standards even exist?

I don't make a habit of taking pit-selfies, but this is what I shared with my friend last year. It's my pit. With hair on it. I also have unusual pits. They're not really pitted, they're sort of...convex.  My mom always asks me if I have bruises on my armpits, but it's just shadows from their outward poking manner.

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