Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Touchdowns and Tiaras

For the third year in a row, my adrenaline runs high every Thursday, Sunday and Monday, my hopes for victory teetering dangerously, threatening to give me wrinkles and making me lose sleep.

Sound familiar? Are you, too, the owner of your very own fantasy football team?

I keep coming back for more, always telling myself I'll leave, I'll really do it this time! ...but never leaving. This year, my abusive relationship with the NFL is in a honeymoon stage (haha, jokes about domestic violence... #NFL... : / ).

I'm in third place in my league, an all-girls league with some of my best pals. We've nailed this "fantasy football" thing by having custom t-shirts made, putting real money on the table and vowing to slash each others tires at the start of a new week. You'd definitely be impressed with our trophy. (Note that the winner gets a tiara and the loser gets a do-rag).

Last year my team sunk to the bottom of the barrel, so I didn't have high hopes for any success this season. I'm pounding on wood over here (as you do) because my rank is high, my points are good and for once I don't feel like the laughing stock of the league.

It's such a blast to be part of the group each year and I'm always impressed with our Commissioner, who often finds herself pregnant or breastfeeding during the draft and throughout the season. How she manages to keep on top of the league and the rest of us organized, I have no idea. We often discuss and take pride in the fact that we are a bunch of girls who get excited about fantasy football, and don't need any BOY to help us make our league a success. How many all-female fantasy leagues do you think are out there? I'd really love to know. Hey CBS Sunday Morning! Do some research on this for me, would ya? My friends and I would happily be interviewed for the segment.

Wish me luck the remainder of the season...

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